Shiba Inu Lovers Since 2010

How it happened:


Nath & Sam fell in love with this breed and after a year and an half of active researches, Kito finally arrived home

One isn't enough!


After having Kito living with us for a while, we went back to see Shirley & Colin at Sherae Petlink in Canning Vale (just to say "Hi!") and we left with Suki.

Why Breeding?


Well, Shirley guided and motivated us into it, two fantastic specimen of the breed, from different breed lines, perfect genes & stance... And the big decision maker: Kito's Grandpa cannot breed anymore and blood line is about to end.

1st litter...


It has been a bit of a challenge... A few "Rookie" mistakes for the paperwork but our main goal was achieved: Big focus on "in house" socialisation for healthy & balanced Puppies

...2nd litter


Now we are registered breeders & our puppies went all over Australia.

We are getting even pickier with the socialisation of our pups.

Thanks to Sherae Petlink for organising the flights!

Upcoming Litter


It looks like mating should occur around the 20th of August...

Canine Association of W.A. (Inc)

Prefix: SUKITO

Membership Number: 6100037286