Dog Training

Tailored to your need

We wish to organise some classes and we'd like those to be adapted to your needs, please fill out the "Contact Us" section on the home page to let us know what would suit you better.

Puppy School

We are planning to organise puppy school classes "Stage 1" (from 2 to 4 months of age), those will be focused on socialisation, habituation & general knowledge.

One on One Consultations

Get Sam to guide you towards the right direction with your dog, ask him to come and assess the situation & he will create a Training Plan adapted to your needs. 

Thinking about getting a dog...

One of the biggest decision you can take in your life so let's think it thoroughly. Sam can guide you into your breed choice, the equipment needed, tell you what to expect and show you tips to welcome your new best friend into your life.

Balanced Training Philosophy

Sam likes to adapt "work methods" to each individual dogs & dog owners, as his goal is for you to reach yours.

If you have any questions: please ask!

Do not hesitate, ask us! There isn't such things as a stupid question, sometimes we just need an external point of view to show us the obvious (& not so obvious...), we are here for you and it is never too late to act and do the right thing for your dog!